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Prairie Primrose,or Pink Evening Primrose, Oenothera speciosa
Family: Evening primrose:Onagraceae
Hardiness: Zones 5a to 8b
Plant: Perennial, Size: 1 1/2 feet
Flower: Pink with yellow center, sometimes white.2 inches across.
Bloom Period: March- July, sometimes in Fall
Soil: Adaptable
Exposure: Full sun
Water: Drought tolerant
Planting: Fall sown seeds
NATIVE DISTRIBUTION:Prairies and roadsides all over Texas, north to Kansas and down to Mexico.
Prairie Primrose is very abundamt in Texas. It is also known as Buttercup refering to the cup shape of the flower and the yellow polen. The seed is very small, but once it gets started it spreads very quickly and can cover a large area.This flower looks georgeus next to Indian Paintbrush and Bluebonnet. These three flowers are some of the most popular and loved in Texas.